Sunday, April 12, 2009

My 23rd Birthday

I created this video more than 3 years ago. I celebrated my birthday at 4k Resort. A usual bonding place for us. This is also the first night we spent with my now Kumpareng Mike aka " NoyNoy". I remember na naasar sa amin yung bantay because kinulit namin sila to open yung water ng slide and then after nila i open walang nag slide.. Hehe!! I miss this kulitan moments. Its also a memorable moment for me because Marvin was there. My best friend in 3rd year H.S. Medyo nagkatampuhan kasi kami nung 4th year and di kami nag usap.. Super duper mega arte kasi ako nung H.S.. Its a good thing love na love ako ng mga friends ko so pinagtyagaan lang nila ako.. hihi..We spent the whole night playing charade.

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