Sunday, April 12, 2009

Qeshm Iran

Qeshm Iran, The first time I heard of this place was when my brother told me I have to exit here for 3 days maximum 5 days. It never occurred me that I will be spending my Christmas and New Year here. I am the type of person who can easily adjust to the place where I'm in and to the people around me so I can say that unlike other people, I really enjoyed my stay in Qeshm. Added to the reason is that the Hotel I stayed in for 36 days was CLEAN and very peaceful. It has a calming effect on me. There were small carpeted hut where in you can just sit,sleep or just hang out with your friends while playing some love songs or RNB's. ( depending on my mood) I met some really good friends like Jun Jun, Kuya Jun, Kathleen Ate Nette, Amin, Ibrahim, Musa and of course my crush Maz Ud. ( who doesn't speak english) Spending 36 days in Iran helps me develop patience, understanding, respect for other people and it especially made me realize how blessed I am to have family and friends who helped me financially, emotionally and of course by always praying for my safety and for my peace.

I will always remember the goofy face of Kuya Jun. Long walks going to fish market with Jun Jun, Staying out very late even when its very very cold. Pasyalan to the max sa Beach. And above all the friends I met there. The love and concern that they gave me was something that I will always treasure. Love you Guys!!!

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