Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mom's Day

Missing my Mom especially this Mothers Day. I remember last year's Mothers Day we celebrated it at Mommy's with Achi and Anya. Never knowing that it will be the last Mothers Day that she will be with us. It was a happy day for us kasi we were all together. Kahit na I can see that she's tired, she's still smiling. Enjoying that moment.

My mom was my best friend. I can tell her everything. And I know na I am accepted and loved for who I am. She's the one who taught me how to be strong, independent, smart and confident. I grew up without insecurities and hangups because my Mom was always there to tell me how beautiful I am, and how proud she was of me not because of my achievements but because of the person I have become. My upbringing is definitely different from others kasi its built on trust. I can stay as late as I want as long as its not a school night. I can stay at my friends house, Enjoy PJ Parties as long as she knows yung mga kasama ko. My mom even let us drink sa house nun when I first experienced my HS broken heart. She's cool as long as she knows na you are not doing anything wrong. My Mom was never the type na she insists her rules but she always let you think for yourself and later on learn from your mistakes. She's not perfect. There were times na we fight bacause were both strong willed, but at the end of the day I know that she is still my only kakampi. I know that she will fight for me with everything that she has. I even remember her telling me her golden values.. "wag na wag ka sasama sa lalaki sa sinehan ng magisa kasi dyan nag start ang temptation". Pag mag aasawa ka humanap ka ng lalaki na mas matalino, at mas malakas ang personality sayo. someone na magdadala ng relationship". Mommy was very practical even her advices. I am so like her in so many ways. She is also bubbly like me. I remember this one time when her friend had an asthma attack and hirap na huminga. Banatan ba naman ng Nanay ko ng Do this: Puuhh tapon mo sa bato.. motioning with her hands na dinadakot ang sakit at tinatapon.. Haay as in muntik na kong mamatay sa kakatawa.. She is so funny. Magkasabwat kami sa kalokohan. I remember bonding time namin ni Mama is watching movies then we will watch before last full show., Then if last full show na we will transfer sa ibang movie pag wala ng bantay.. Hehehhe!! Ka cheapan diba.. Those are the memories na I will never forget. I will forever thank my Mom for training me and teaching me the way of life. I am who I am because I have a mother who is strong, graceful, smart, thoughtful and who loves me unconditionally. I only have one regret in my life and that is not telling my Mother everyday how much I love her when she was still here.

Mom I know you're in peace now with our creator. I LOVE YOU!!!

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